A famous scholar from the Han dynasty once said: 'Jade, the fairest of all stones is full of elegance and warmth.'' Indeed, Jade is the stone of beauty, as is our cuisine, which reflects a great level of spirit and delicacy.
If the culture of Chinese cuisine is like a sonata, then the culture of western cuisine is like a romantic nocturne. If the Chinese cuisine has the masculine power, then the western cuisine has the feminine beauty. If a Chinese restaurant is bustling with exciting chatter, then a western restaurant is filled with elegant whispers. Hidden Jade is a stunning waterfront restaurant under the Red Chilli Group. The stunning location of our restaurant enables you to embrace a panoramic view of Albert Park lake. Enjoy our highly-regarded Sichuan cuisine at Hidden Jade.
Hidden Jade & The Point open a window for communication between Chinese and Australian cuisines, harmoniously blending the two in order to offer our guests a unique and memorable dining experience.


Jade, the fairest of all stones
is full of elegance and warmth.

With the opening of Hidden Jade, we endeavour to combine Australian ingredients with authentic Sichuan flavour in order to create something new while staying true to our heritage.